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Gardening Services
McMeekin & Son

Gardening, Maintenance, Clearance, Paving & Turfing
Pressure Washing, Fencing, Pruning.

We have had work done on our garden, patio and drive. We received very competitive quotes and yet all work was professionally taken out.

No Job Too Small – Please Call
Peter on 01229 227741 or 07392 932453
Email –


Have you a Motor Bike?

Are you fed up with cleaning it!

Do you need it valeting?

Barrow was in need for a good bike valet.

I have a Kawasaki ZZR 1100 and my time is precious, I have come across a chap who is into bikes and let me tell you!  What a fantastic job he does.

Got my bike back today from the valet 19th August, one word will say it all….fantastic… bike looks like new, you got a dirty looking bike, your fed up cleaning it!

He will sort it for you and far from expensive.


Tel: 01229 822250 – n/r Barrow – in – Furness

You won’t be disappointed.



Finally found someone who can be trusted and to repair body panels, bike fairings, dents, scratches, plastic welding and much more.

My left lower fairing was in a state, melted from exhaust heat by previous owner, distorted to say the least, looked like a BBQ’d peice of plastic with paint blisters and scorched paint work. Took fairing to Chris to have a look at, he came up with an idea, pure brilliance, the mans a genius! there is no doubt about.
It had to be cut out, no choice,  but he replaced it with metal panel, to keep fairing rigid, he also reshaped the tail piece which looked like a chewed up piece of plastic, filled and repainted. You would swear it was original from manufacturer.
Take a look at photos below, the photos do not do it justice!



zzr_before_repair                                                                                      zzr_close_up_of_panel


Bike restored and valeted


You need body work repaired, paint, plastic welding, whether car or motorbike.

Give him a call, for inexpensive and professional work.

Chris Holmes (Motor Body Repairs) Specialising in classic restorations.

Tel: 01229 833822
Near Sandgate Pub, Salthouse, Barrow – in – Furness


Motor Bike Clothing And More.

Came across this company by chance, if you are looking for Motor Bike clothing, then you will not go far wrong here.
Excellent service, excellent products at excellent prices and above all, a pleasure to deal with.

There Preston based and give them a call or pop in and you won’t be disapointed.

Click here 




 Do you know a good mechanic who can be trusted? Email me with details to be placed here on this website.

Thank you for your visit

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