Operating as a local business, you’ll get a straight answer every time – and no ‘corporate’ standardised response (not read from a script) – an individual service from an individual operator. Our aim is to provide jargon free advice and professional help with all your Laptop / Computer and ICT enquiries including Networking,Security  and Laptop & PC Repairs.

Laptop Repairs Barrow offers jargon free advice, and repairs for Laptops, Consoles, Macs, PC’s, Mobile Phones. No job too small, just call and we will have your device running like new. 07788691619 / 01229 227695.

We are a local Laptop / PC / Mac repairs family run business, based in Barrow-in-Furness and Dalton in Furness Cumbria (Lake District), and hope your visit to our site will be informative and helpful.


Ransomware / Malware / Scareware / Phishing. To many people, these are just words and simply read as Jargon.
But it is important to understand a little about these words to keep you safe on-line and your devices free from hacks.
Recently, Ransomware has been talked about on all media outlets, whether TV, Radio or Newspapers but, it is serious and if you have any questions, or require more information and more importantly think your devices, i.e. PC / Laptop / Mac / Tablet / Mobile has been attacked then please call :01229 227695 / 07788691619 and we will gladly help.

If you have concerns or problems navigating around the new Windows 10 / 8.1 & 8 system ! , I have compiled a free downloadable document (5 page Pdf), called Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, using these shortcuts will help you significantly find your way around your PC / Laptop or Tablet, the shortcuts not only help those with Windows 10 & 8.1 but also other earlier Windows systems such as Windows 7 and Vista and XP.
Click here to download your FREE document.

Due to a high demand we have purchased and extended equipment to repair iPhones, Mobile & Tablet Screens and other common faults on Mobiles and Tablets. We have successfully repaired screens on many varieties of Mobile Phones, Tablets and now TV LED Flat screens.

Click the PC services tab to view what other services we offer and what we can do for you.

We strive to be professional and without our customers we have no business and this is our simple and fundamental belief. We at S.B. Supplies, offers jargon free advice, reliable & affordable PC / Mac / Laptop & System repairs networking and much more.

Please check the PC Services tab to view what we have to offer. We have recently purchased the latest Jovy System Infra-red BGA Rework Station, IRC oven and solder re-work stations, due to the high volume of boards failing our customers we now can bring back to life your systems. This allows us to repair your boards for laptops, consoles and much more at a small percentage to the cost of new motherboards. We have a very high percentage rate of re-flowing PCB / Motherboards and bringing back to life your PC’s, Laptops etc, instead of replacing very expensive boards. Below is a brief explanation as to why your display may not be displaying a screen or image:

When BGA chip-sets age or exceed thermal cycles it can cause problems with graphics display. These faults are caused by the fact that all manufacturers have to use unleaded solder during manufacturing of the boards. This was considered a more reliable solution for the electronics industry due to the fact that unleaded solder has a higher melting point than Leaded Solder . The only problem is that over time, Unleaded solder goes brittle and cracks. Our workshop is equipped with the latest state of the art Computer Controlled Dark Infra-red BGA re-flow stations to safely and professionally carry out this process. We carry out any type of Surface Mount Rework and SMT Rework on both Lead and Lead Free Based Circuit boards. Our services also include BGA Rework and Re-balling for Laptops, Desktops and Games Consoles.Our rework services will save you the problem of buying a new and expensive circuit board. Call us and let us revive your PC / Laptop / Notebook / Consoles and much more.

Please don’t become a victim to the fake security warnings advising you have numerous TROJANS / VIRUSES on your PC, ie – Windows Security  Antivirus 2013 / 2015 or PC Security etc, these are fake system security scanner programmes that pops up and modifies your system in such a away that every time you start your Laptop / Desktop the fake scanner will show results that you have threats. These are bogus antivirus screens and the fake screen (s) will ask you for your credit card details to remove the viruses. Click the NEWS TAB  for more information and examples of the fake screens. Contact Laptop Repairs Barrow for advice and we will gladly assist you.

There are many Viruses / Trojans / Malware on the internet, having a ant- virus programme will help prevent your system getting attacked by these rouge programmes. The popular Virus / Malware is the Fake Metropolitan Police virus stating your I.P. address has been located and you have visited or downloaded from certain sites such as porn sites etc, it also states if you pay through UKash a certain amount of monies, your PC will be unlocked. What ever you do, do not submit a payment its is a scam. Call us and we will help and advise you.

Remember, the silly question is the one you don’t ask!

Laptop Repairs Barrow, Cumbria strictly adheres to the 1998 Data Protection Act and no Data is stored for our use. Please  ‘Download the Data Protection Form’.

Please browse our website for more information on what we have to offer or contact us at Laptop Repairs Barrow  to speak to us personally.

For more information about us and what we can do to help, please read below.


Cumbria Computer Services / Laptop Repairs Cumbria. There are a variety of companies in Barrow that offer computer and laptop repairs, but SB Supplies does more.

Laptop Repairs Barrow has the professional ability to offer computer services to both homes and businesses. Our well-equipped workshop enables us to make same day repairs possible, without the hassle of dealing with the manufacturer’s time-scales. Our call-out service is available to customers who want computer related issues resolved at their own premises. We provide a complete beginning to end computer service to customers in Barrow in Furness and surrounding areas.


December 2014 – Since 2003 we have expanded to a customer base of over 9000 customers. We have more than 3 new customers per day approx  requesting our services. The majority of our new customers are by word of mouth. Our customers know our first names and we know how they like their computers to be personalised.


We understand that some customers don’t like the technical language (Jargon) that comes with the hassle of a broken computer, so our aim is to simplify your experience with our computer engineers and make you feel comfortable with our computer repair process. S.B Supplies is open six days of the week and open as late as 6.30pm and sometimes later. Longer opening times make it more convenient for customers to get in contact with us.


Our computer engineers live in the surrounding areas and computer repairs might have only been a hobby to them in their younger days but now it’s their profession. We know how frustrating it is without your Laptop / Desktop and we do our best to get your system up and running as soon as possible.


Be extremely cautious of opening any attachments from senders you do not recognise. Never open if the attachments are executable files (“. exe”, “.vbs”, and “.scr”) or a double file extension (such as “.txt.vbs”). Beware – These emails will usually have some tempting message to try and encourage you to open them before you have thought twice.
If in doubt about any email with an attachment use your anti-virus software to perform a scan before opening it.


Beware of “phishing” scams. These are sophisticated scams designed to fool users into thinking they are being contacted by trusted organisations such as banks or Microsoft. They try to con users into divulging financial information or to try and infect the machines with Trojans or worms. Be extremely cautious of any emails – however legitimate they appear – that ask you to divulge any personal information. If in doubt contact the organisation that the email claims to from before taking any action.


Spam. Unsolicited “junk” e-mail sent to large numbers of people to promote products or services. Sexually explicit unsolicited e-mail is called “porn Spam.” Also refers to inappropriate promotional or commercial postings to discussion groups or bulletin boards. Pop up ads can silently download software that will use your computer to send out Spam.

Safe surfing for kids.

The Internet offers children of all ages vast opportunities for learning, constructive entertainment, and personal growth. At the same time, parents must be concerned and aware about the risks kids face on-line. The challenge for parents is to educate themselves and their children about how to use the Internet safely. By taking responsibility for your children’s on-line computer use, parents can greatly minimize any potential risks of being on-line.

We strongly recommend you have a look at the following websites for an in depth view of this subject.
Click below to view Parents Guide To Internet Safety…

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